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Our Background

The establishment of the company in 2016 was in response to the continuous growing need for high-level technological innovations in primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa. This impetus fueled the need for cost-effective solutions that address deep domain areas in clinical workflow management, infrastructure optimization and health system strengthening, which is at the core of our expertise.

SeamHealth Innovations is an efficient, multi-disciplinary, healthcare consulting firm that is committed to quality service delivery.

SeamHealth Innovations is determined to contribute substantially in creating mutually beneficial relationships between its clientele and the rest of the healthcare and business world, with a view to translating this into wholesome economic development for engaged organizations and the nation at large

Our Services

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Staff Training 0%
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SeamHealth provides expert advisory and management services to guide proper identification, effective implementation and sustainability of projects.


• Restructuring public and private enterprises to become efficient, profitable businesses that would increase employment and revenue generation.

• Packaging viable small to large size projects that promotes the utilization of local resources, while incorporating modern technology.

• Defining a suitable and efficient organizational structure aimed at realizing set objectives and maximizing the resources of the organization.

• Developing operational plans that will harmonize and optimize the organization’s resources within a specific time frame.

• Structuring management policies and processes to facilitate decision-making and enhance the execution process.

• Developing result oriented management information systems within the framework of the organization.

• Upgrade of technology infrastructure and improvement in deployment of technology assets.

SeamHealth provides expert services in the design, testing/validation, procurement, implementation and operationalization of electronic records and software for government, corporate organizations, and private institutions across the globe.


• Defining requirement specifications for the design, configuration and optimization of health systems, while also testing and validate approved specifications within stipulated timeframes.
• Training end-users on new platform, so as to improve adaptability and usability.
• Setting up Command center to triage issues encountered during implementation and troubleshooting workflow or system issues as they arise.
• Measuring indicators of system performance to track deployment and execution deliverables.
• Iterative fine-tuning of system requirements based on feedback received from end-users.
• Monitoring assumptions, risks, dependencies, and cultural issues as implementation progresses.
• Developing plan for post-live enhancements and future optimization efforts.

SeamHealth provides expert advisory and management services to transition staff from paper based tools to electronic documentation platform through advocacy visits, establishment of objectives, goals and strategies for implementation go-live team, ultimately ensuring project sustainability.


• Establishing objectives, goals and strategies, and align with project mission statement and organizational vision.
• Advocacy to high interest, high influence stakeholder groups to better engage key players and generate consensus.
• Work with organization’s leadership team to prepare and plan for implementation and its short and long-term outcomes.
• Identifying resistance from staff and deploy mitigation strategies to counter and align with overall strategic direction.
• Developing a Go-Live-Readiness-Assessment (GLRA) template to track implementation progress and ensure success of initiative.
• Structuring management policies and processes to facilitate decision-making and enhance the execution process.
• Developing result oriented management information systems within the framework of the organization.

SeamHealth recognizes that the successful realization of the goals and objectives of a project depends completely on the quality of the manpower and its ability to effectively allocate and utilize available resources.

SEAMHEALTH assists in:

• Determining appropriate result-oriented organizational structures, which incorporate the value systems of the social environment.

• Identifying needs, and ensuring efficient allocation of skills to maximize resources through proper planning and implementation.

• Articulating training programs for all levels of management and staff, to continually reinforce and support on-going programs within the organization.

• Evaluating and monitoring organizational personnel plans/programs.

• Preparing and executing training courses, workshops and seminars.

• Upgrade of workforce capability and enhancement of employee productivity.